About Me

My name is Kelly Delaney. I am a fifteen year-old homeschooler born and raised in the heart of Illinois.
I currently have two blogs: Rosie Lane Blog (for displaying my creativeness) and Tuesday in April (for writing journal entries and preserving memories). Rosie Lane is a more complex, media-sharing blog, while Tuesday in April has a simpler, more relaxed feel to it and is used as more of a scrapbook/photo album.
I’ve been a Baptist my entire life and have been attending First Baptist Church in Clinton, IL for the past 13 years. There is nothing I love more than being at my church, fellowshipping with God’s people and serving Him. I believe the King James Version to be the correct, most accurate Bible.
I’m a sophomore in high school right now, so, within the next few years, be prepared to join me in my graduation, college, and adult life.
My plans (so far) are to graduate in Spring 2020 and attend Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, KY. I want to study Elementary Education, but become a Youth Pastor’s wife and work in the ministry with Education to fall back on. I would LOVE to work with the deaf, specifically children, and help them come to know Christ as their Savior.
I hope that you’ve learned a bit about me from this, and if you have any questions, please, feel free to message me on by clicking the ‘Contact‘ button.

~Kelly 💐


3 thoughts on “About Me

    1. It was on October 21, 2015 (Back to the Future Day). My older brother found the “Time Travel Heroes Stop Hitler” sketch. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t interested in watching more sketches. My younger sister told me, “You HAVE to see this YouTube video!” And she told me to google ‘Scott Sterling Studio C’. And the rest is history.

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